Welcome to Sarasota in Defense of Animals.

Unwavering loyalty and dedication, Since 1989 SDA has helped the animal victims of cruelty, neglect, sickness and abandonment.

SDA is proud of its accomplishments and the establishment of not only a credible reputation for protection of animals in Florida, but nationally as well.

Our 15th annual charitable event - Island Time on Nov. 12th, 2015


Dear Friend of Animals,

Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA) is holding our 15th annual charitable event, Island Time on Nov. 12th, 2015 at the Daiquiri Deck on St. Armands Circle.

We are asking compassionate and generous individuals and businesses in our community to donate an auction item and/or sponsor the event to enable SDA to help the hundreds of animals that will have a better life at our sanctuary. Over the past 26 years, we have provided high quality lifetime care for homeless creatures, adopted out over 5,500 stray dogs and cats, and sponsored a feral and free-roaming spay/neuter cat clinic preventing thousands of unwanted kitten births. We are so grateful to the Sarasota citizens who have shared their time, talent and resources to prevent the suffering and death of countless animals over these many years that SDA has served the citizens and their animals of our community.

We at SDA are totally committed to the future welfare of the animals but we cannot do this alone and must have the financial support to carry on this humane work.

We are asking for sponsorships of $500, $1,000, $1,500 and $2,000 which are tax-deductible. Sponsors will receive special recognition and accolades at the event announcements, have their names emboldened on a large banner, name on the program, on our website at www.sdasarasota.com and in upcoming newsletters. $500 sponsors receive (2) tickets to the event, $1,000 sponsors get (4) tickets, $1,500 sponsors get (6) tickets, $2,000 sponsors get (8) tickets and you will be proud of being a generous and caring person or business and we will be forever grateful to you.

Should you choose to donate an auction item, gift certificate etc. which will also be greatly appreciated to help us continue our work, please fill in the value of the item you are contributing and the we will furnish you a receipt for your tax deductible contribution.  Click here to download a donation receipt



Calling all Florida Black Bear Advocates!


AGAINST 80% of Floridians, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission approved a state wide hunt October 24-30th to kill Florida's black bears, the first hunt in 21 years.

Fresh off the Endangered Species list, a measly 3000 Bears live in Florida,(down from 13,000). FWC has refused proposals such as sterilization, mandatory bear proof trash cans and relocation.

2055+ HUNTERS are coming to KILL 320 BEARS the week families are out foraging. Florida black bears face serious threats from road mortality, habitat loss, urban sprawl, and now hunting. Weapons include rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, pistols, longbows, compound bows, re-curve bows, and crossbows. And concerns of orphaned cubs is another issue.

This is a STATEWIDE PROTEST and Sarasota in Defense of Animals and Sarasota Animal Advocates are proud to represent Sarasota as one of 13 cities protesting on this day. PLEASE save the date and PASS FAR & WIDE.

**Friday, October 23rd. 11:30 am-1pm at the Sarasota Bayfront. (O'Leary's entrance).


**We may not be able to stop this, but we can't be silent. T-shirts and posters can be purchased at this link: http://stopflbearhunt.com/products/stop-the-bear-hunt-tee

**Sarasota In Defense of Animals Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarasota-In-Defense-of-Animals/131058350241689?fref=photo

**Sarasota Animal Advocates Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/351490934936696/

Meet one of SDA's special volunteers

SDA would like to say, "thank you and meow" to EILEEN ENGBER!!

Having a wonderful sanctuary does not just happen! It takes a lot of hard work, love, compassion, money, and dedication by so many people who truly love SDA and the animals that live here. Our workers and volunteers go above and beyond for these precious animals... and we would like to acknowledge one of our long-time volunteers!

If we at SDA were asked to define loyalty, we would say, "Eileen Engber!!!"

For the past 12 (yes, 12) years, Eileen has come to our SDA sanctuary every Monday and works all day long in our catteries caring for 150 previously homeless resident cats. Eileen cleans litter pans, mops floors, feeds cats, gives medications and puts fresh laundry on places where our lazy cats lounge, sleep and hang out.

Eileen not only does all of these chores for the cats, but makes generous monetary donations as well. We often call upon her to transport cats to a veterinary clinic and she has even paid for the medical treatment for many of her favorite cats. Eileen has donated all of these services without fanfare for 12 long years and we are eternally grateful to her. Eileen Engber sets a pure example of loyalty and how to translate a love for animals into action. Thank you Eileen! SDA and the animals love you!

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Have you had a bad experience purchasing a pet from Petland, Puppytown, or another retail pet store in Sarasota?

Please read the following and speak out about your experience!

We may be able to tell you exactly where your puppy came from. Remember, no matter what they tell you, ALL pet stores buy from puppy mills.

Retail pet stores often knowingly sell animals with preexisting health problems stemming from inhumane conditions. The buyers are then stuck paying for unexpected medical bills and many animals suffer needlessly from this practice. This is an acknowledged problem, and 9 other cities in alone Florida have already banned retail pet sales, with 35 cities banning the practice nation-wide.

For these reasons, the Sarasota County Board of Commissioners is currently reviewing an ordinance that would ban retail pet sales in Sarasota County while still allowing adoptions. This issue has become HOTLY contested, and the Board plans to revisit the issue in early 2014, pending further investigation.

To convince the Board that this dishonest and inhumane practice needs to be banned, we are currently collecting stories of people's negative experiences purchasing pets through retail sellers in Sarasota.

We ask that you share your story by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please include as much detail as you are comfortable with, such as rough dates, costs, photographs, and personal outcomes.

Please forward this email to anyone you think may have an opinion on this or a story to share.

Help us stop this dishonest and inhumane business practice by convincing the Board to ban it in Sarasota!

For more information on retail pets sales and puppy mills, please visit:  http://www.prisonersofgreed.org/


Tatum Ridge Elementary - Save The Animals!

A special thank-you goes to Mrs. Ozkan's Tatum Ridge Kindergarten Class, that held a plant sale and raised an amazing $622 for SDA.

Mrs. Ozkan is a remarkable teacher who has been leading her classes for many years in a humane project called, "The UNLESS project" whereby her class makes and sells items to raise funds for donation to SDA. Every year they surprise us with a really nice size check from the proceeds of their project. "The UNLESS Project" is designed to encourage her little kindergarteners to make the world a better place and gets its motto from the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax, quote: "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

Click here to read the letter

"G.G." 's Story -- A Precious Handicapped Goat Rescued by Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA)

Two weeks ago I received a telephone call from Cirese Terry who had visited a goat dairy farm near Sarasota, Florida and had seen a pitiful little goat out in the rain (goats hate rain) and knealing on her front legs.

Cirese was disturbed at the sight of this little female creatures and coordinated with me to take the goat to a veterinarian to get a diagnosis and possible treatment for her. Arrangements were made for a vet clinic appointment via SDA & our vet immediately said "This goat has a birth defect and there is nothing I can do for her. Her condition is untreatable and she will remain walking on her front elbows the rest of her life." He did not speculate as to what her life expectancy would be.

Read more: "G.G." 's Story -- A Precious Handicapped Goat Rescued by Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA)