Free-Roaming And Feral Cat Spay-Neuter Clinic.

Each month we conduct a free-roaming/feral cat clinic under the plan called TNR (Trap - Neuter - Return) in an effort to control the exploding population of feral cat colonies throughout Sarasota County and surrounding counties. 

The estimated number of free-roaming cats in Sarasota County alone is between 35,000 and 50,000. The program has been in existence since 2006. It is a community service offered free to the public to sterilize cats from Sarasota, Manatee, Desoto, & Charlotte Counties, the majority of cats coming from colonies in Sarasota neighborhoods.

SDA hires a professional veterinarian and the use of the clinic for one day per month with the veterinarian performing the surgeries, one vet-tech assistant, and SDA's trained volunteer staff.

The program consists of:

•   Making appointments, setting up clinic for check-in at 7:30 a.m. on clinic day
•   Spay-neuter of a feral/free roaming cat (or any cat that was taken in off the streets)
•   Mandatory ear notch (for future TNR identification)
•   Rabies vaccination (no tag or proof of rabies issued)
•   Pain medication
•   Post -Op: to include ear cleaning and flea preventative medication
•   Repairing of any other surgical needs such as; hernias, abscesses, broken bones, etc.


This valuable program has continued over the years as a result of generous donations from compassionate people who care about animal welfare. We greatly appreciate any monetary donations that can be offered at the clinic. Such donations fund the monthly clinics and the necessary medical supplies used. SDA has effectively spayed & neutered over 3,000 cats in the past 5 years as a result of this unique program.

Our clinic is normally held on a monthly basis at a professional Florida licensed veterinary clinic in Sarasota. Persons making appointments will be told the exact location of the clinic after the appointment is made. We do not take "walk-ins" and a reservation is mandatory by contacting Priscilla Savage at: (941) 342-1575.

Please note the following information:

•   Check in time begins at 7:30 a.m. at the designated veterinary clinic
•   All cats must be in separate traps.
•   No food or water after 9 PM the night before surgery.
•   You (the care-giver) will be required to complete a profile application for each cat. You must give us a contact number to schedule a pick up time that same day...usually between 11:30am and 2pm.
•   You MUST sign an "Anesthesia Consent" releasing all clinic agents of any and all liability arising from the surgery of the animal.
•   You MUST follow the "After Care Surgery" instructions that you will receive at the time of pick-up at the clinic which includes a contact number if you have concerns.

On behalf of the animals, thank you for supporting SDA!

Elise M. Matthes
Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA)
PO Box 15653
Sarasota, FL 34277-1653
Telephone: 941-924-2505

SDA is a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) corporation licensed in the State of Florida, rescuing and providing sanctuary care for animals since 1989