About The SDA

Sarasota In Defense of Animals (SDA) Objectives:

*    To Expose Animal Abuse And Exploitation
*    Educate The Public
*    Promote Habitat Protection
*    Promote Consumer Awareness
*    Encourage Humane Alternatives To Animal Experiments
*    Organize Campaigns To Mobilize Animal Protection

SDA addresses animal protection and welfare issues by:

*    Providing lifetime care for 300 animals
*    Conducts an intensive adoption program for homeless dogs and cats
*    Works directly with county animal services in saving lives of animals
*    Manages a feral cat colony providing a tree house, food, & daily care
*    Conducts a public feral cat trapping program under the trap/neuter/return policy
*    Networks with 42 organizations across the U. S. in placing wild & exotic animals
*    Distributes educational materials
*    Conducts peaceful public demonstrations to call attention to animal exploitation
*    Makes presentations at public hearing and forums
*    Promoting A Cruelty-Free Lifestyle by sponsoring public events and education
*    Conducts telephone and letter-writing campaigns

SDA begins 21st year of Animal Welfare.