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Gardening Program for Neurodivergent individuals

Organic vegetable and fruit tree gardens to feed the animals & gardening programs/classes for Neuro-divergent individuals


  • Create driving path for FPL or remove electrical wire / posts from FPL

  • Plant fruit trees

  • Assemble vegetable beds

  • Plant vegetables 

  • Install Irrigation system


Materials & Labor

  • Fruit Trees

  • Vegetable seeds

  • Medical Herbs for animals (echinacea, nettle, chamomile etc)

  • Fish Pond

  • Fish water syphon system - natural fertilizer system for vegetables

  • Fish Pond metal grate to protect against predators

  • Fill Dirt

  • Benches / Seating

  • Vegetable Beds

  • Organic soil

  • Limestone for walk way

  • Stepping stones

  • Labor - 2-4 people


Estimated Costs

  • $30,000

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