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Wild Horses

SDA Projects that need your help!

After 35 long and beautiful years Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA) will be moving to a new location.

In order to provide new and amazing benefits to the animals and the people of Florida we are in need of funding to enact a plan to offer equine therapy to neuro-divergent individuals as well as continue to take in animals that are facing starvation, abandonment, in need of special care/medical attention and facing euthanasia.​​​​​​​

Our goal is to hit $500,000 to achieve these amazing programs & build the necessary enclosures and upgrades. 

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Bird Enclosure for ducks, geese and Florida native wild birds that are injured and need life long assistance - $20,000


Horse Barn Upgrades - hurricane proof, roofing repairs, insulated, build rodent & bug proof tack room, add extra space/storage for hay & supplies  - $25,000

Horse Stall Portrait

Organic vegetable and fruit tree gardens to feed the animals & gardening programs/classes for Neuro-divergent individuals - $30,000


Goat, Sheep & Pig Enclosures/Housing - must be hurricane proof- $35,000


New walk-ways, pavement, concrete, farm equipment, garage to store equipment, property clearance, clean up tree/debris, privacy hedges and maintenance - $250,000

Senior Couple

Equine / Horse Arena Upgrades - $10,000

Equine Autism Program - we will need funding for a certified trainer and staff to assist autistic and neurodivergent adults and children to learn how to connect and work with the animals - $60,000/year

Full-time Staffing for animal care, garden programs, equine programs - TBD

Feeding the Horse
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